• Education experience

    Waseda University

    MS, Graduate School of Information, Production and System

    Apr1 , 2019~

    University of Tsukuba

    RS, Library Information Media

    Oct 1 , 2017 ~ Mar , 2019

    Yunnan University

    Bachelor Degree, School of Software Engineering

    Sep 1, 2013 ~Jul 1 , 2017

    Major in Digital Media Technology

  • To live would be an awfully big adventure.

    – About me

  • Interest

    Image and video processing

    Special effects editing for image, video and audio

    3D modeling

    Animation 3D modeling


    Sports and adventure animations



    Drawing is the way I relax myself.


    Travel, it is a way to see the world, I believe the unknown world is more wonderful.


    Reading novels, especially mystery novels. Tolo keigo is one of my favorite novelist


    pop music and light music.

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